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"Fitness Profile" - Margie Forster
My name is Margie Forster. I was born and raised in the Wack (Chilliwack, that is), but in 1996 I followed the love of my life to Vancouver Island. I taught group fitness for 7 years, starting at the YMCA in Chwk and continuing with it in Nanaimo. I had a great time teaching but after the arrival of our son, working and other family commitments, I gave it up in 2000. I still managed to maintain my own fitness regime somewhat, of running and weights. But then the girls came along...in Dec 2002, we had twin daughters. If I thought I was busy before...Yeah right!! Then Aug 2003 brought more changes our way; we moved to the mainland - Langley, specifically. This is where I became hooked on NO SWEAT. I started taking classes at WC Blair and Newlands,usually with Sue Wisely, but occasionally with Sue Luck-Claxton, Cathy, Rebecca and John. The classes were so motivating and fun, and in no time I started noticing the changes in my body. I had finally got back to pre-children shape! Needless to say, I was very excited about that and when we got the opportunity to go back to the island, I knew I had to take NO SWEAT with me! I am looking forward to introducing a whole new community to the NO SWEAT world, for which I am a walking advertisement. I was just ICED at the end of August, and I will take Weights 1&2 in Nanaimo. I should have classes up and running by January 2005! Forge ahead to a new frontier! Congratulations Sue, and thanks from the bottom of my heart for NO SWEAT.

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