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"Fitness Profile" - John Keyzer
In this day and age having the opportunity to be able to take what i have been taught and use these tools to motivate the masses with a routine or program and see results is an awesome return for our hard work. Working with the general public in a community setting is very interesting way of meeting people of all walks of life. Throughtout my studing and extra workshops, we were taught to accept all and motivate all, using the idea of "body, mind and spirit" approach. Everyone works at his or her own speed, ability, and progression of commitment.

Over the past few years I have come to know this new routine "No Sweat" and it's creator, Sue Luck-Claxton. I found this workout was able to relieve any pressures that taxed us throughtout our work week. Also, as an instructor I wanted to learn the routines and take this phenomenon to the public. Really, once you try it, there is no looking back unless you record and check your progress. Just feeling great and looking great is enough to keep you hooked.

P.S. To Sue and Cathy, thank-you for the push to complete when I needed it most. Lets make "NED" a household pet for all who exercise. Sue keep up the good work.

John Keyzer
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