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In one year I have gone from wondering about No Sweat to being an avid fan and instructor of Sue Luck-Claxton's No Sweat program. I began No Sweat in September 2001 on the advice of a friend - Susan Wisely. The first time I did the program, I thought I was going to die! My fitness routine for the past 10 years included step or Hi Lo classes three times a week. This regimen was okay, but I wasn't losing any body fat or improving my fitness level. At this rate, gravity and time would definitely win out! No Sweat was added to the mix twice a week, with the number of Step classes decreasing to one or two. I noticed a marked difference. No longer did my lower back hurt, I could work in the garden without pain. My husband noticed how much firmer my body was getting - YES! In January 2002, once again, with the encouragement of friends, family and other instructors, I started taking Sue Luck's Fitness Knowledge Course. This was mainly for my own interest and education. I felt I was too old to begin a career in fitness instruction. I loved the course and the people involved in this profession. I proceeded with Weight Training Level 1 then on to Group Fitness. Cathy Windhorst and John Keyzer gave up most of their classes for a few weeks so I could get my practicum done in record time. Instructors were waiting for me to finish so I could substitute for them. For the first time in my life I had a job waiting for me at the end of a course of studies! I am finishing up Level 2 Weight Training and plan to take Third Age and Nutrition courses. I am involved in training some seniors and teenage hockey players. I feel strongly that strength and endurance fitness is very important and becoming even more popular as the benefits are being recognized. No Sweat has taught me a great deal about myself. I can get up in front of a class and help them along, I can remember a routine, and I love people and helping them. I have also learned that there are a lot of wonderful people out there and I am privileged enough to have become involved with a group of them. My fitness level, emotional well being and mental alertness have never been better. Thanks to my family, other fitness instructors and participants for encouraging me to get involved in the No Sweat phenomenon.
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