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Personal Trainer - Leanne Garriock
Hi! I'm Leanne Garriock.

Having trouble loosing those extra pounds & inches?
Are you staying motivated with your current workout?

I've lost over 100 pounds and somehow knew I could help to inspire others to reach their fitness goals.

I've been instructed by one of the Fraser Valley's most respected personal Trainers and Canadian Fitness Course Educators; Sue Luck-Claxton

My Qualifications:

"NO Sweat" the Workout - Certified by: A Change of Pace, Fitness Professionals
Level 1 & 2 Weight Trainer - Certified by: BCRPA
Fitness to Music - Certified by: BCRPA
CPR & First Aid - Certified by: Life Consultants
Fitball Training - Certified by: Ball Dynamics Inc.

On contract with the following facilities:

Valley Rcquet Club - Abbotsford
Abbotsford Recreation Center
Matsqui Recreation Center

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