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"Fitness Profile" - Sue Wisely
Sue Wisely, the fitness freak.

Plain, simple, and a bit crazy that’s my life, my job, my passion, and me. I have always enjoyed sports, running, and going to fitness classes, including No Sweat, but it was a few years ago that Sue Luck convinced me to step in front of the class and start teaching. The courses that I took to become a certified instructor and personal trainer only continued to feed my hunger for health, fitness and wellness knowledge. I believe it is very important to continue to learn, build, expand, and offer more and more ideas to my classes and clients. I love it! I have been teaching No Sweat for five years now. I also enjoy teaching run clinics, step aerobics, fit ball, boot camp, Pilates and power yoga. I became a personal trainer so that I can also inspire clients one on one to meet their personal fitness goals, very rewarding. A little bit of everything keeps me balanced, but No Sweat is one program that balances everything else out. It motivates, strengthens, prevents injuries, rehabilitates, increases endurance, revs up metabolism, activates the core, improves muscle balance, range of motion, and flexibility. All of these things enhance and improve the other activities I do and teach. A little added bonus is that No Sweat can boost your mood too. Everyone in class feels it and so does the instructor! So, thanks to Sue Luck, the No Sweat instructor team, all the Superstars in my classes, my family, and my friends I am having the time of my life…keep rockin’ and rolling!

Sue Wisely :o)

In Surrey and Langely @ home/office/gym
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