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The Meaning of "No Sweat" to W.J. Mouat Senior Secondary High School

Striking a balance in one's life is often a difficult task and easier said than done. More often than not we get wrapped up in the day to day hustle and bustle of our job, taking little time for ourselves. Two years ago, after attending a workshop on health and wellness in the workplace the staff at W.J. Mouat wanted to do something about it. With the support of Principal Des Mckay, Sue Luck-Claxton came into the the school three days a week to provide "No Sweat" workout routines to 25-30 staff on a regular basis. Two years later the numbers are still strong and the impact to the school has been fantastic. Staff sick days are down, teachers and support staff feel healthier and energized. It has become a nice time for the staff to get together and socialize, share ideas and challenge one another to improve. There is no doubt it has had a positive impact on the staff , here are just a few quotes from staff: "I just wished I had started last year! All my muscles ached after the first class but soon I was increasing the weights I was lifting. Sue Luck is an outstanding instructor and I now look forward to No Sweat days ... the classes are the highlight of my week! We have always had great camaraderie on the Mouat staff but the weekly classes have added a new dimension to our staff interactions ... we pass each other in the hall and the first question is "are you going to No Sweat today?". It is common ground between people from other departments of the school that you may not see often. For me personally, I have enjoyed the atmosphere of the classes a lot. But, more importantly, I love the fact that my overall strength has increased dramatically. I now have the biceps I had back in my early twenties back! Funny thing is, I found out that I have muscles in places I didn't even know I had. The best reason I have had to be part of No Sweat: I have lost 15 pounds since the start of the school year, mostly due to No Sweat and some recent dieting. I have now a passion to change me into a healthier person and the No Sweat classes at Mouat are helping me to be a happier person in return!" "I personally find these classes absolutely necessary. The teaching day can be physically, mentally and psychologically draining. The social interaction with others and the obvious physical benefits combined with Sue's positive and cheerful harassment always have me leaving with a good feeling and a smile in my heart." The No Sweat workout is a gift of health. Once I get home, I have no chance to leave my daughter and go to the gym, so connecting a workout to my work day is ideal. I look forward to it every Monday and Wednesday. It has helped me to stay balanced and is a great stress release. "My upper body strength has really improved--I started at 8lbs, now I use 10lbs dumb bells and depending on the exercise, 15lb bar. I can do all of the pushups (men's) without stopping and actually have some pretty good bicep muscles now! Sue is a great motivator as well, and fits well with our staff. I hope the school will always be able to offer this." From an administrative point of view Sue's workouts have energized the staff and that pays dividends to students. What a win-win situation.

Mr. Rob Comeau
Vice Principal
W.J. Mouat Secondary
Abbotsford. B.C.
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