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Personal Trainer - Bob Bradshaw

Bob has been involved in strength and fitness for over 20 years. Certified BCRPA Level 1 and Level 2 trained. Presently hold four B.C. Powerlifting records in the 198 lb. class. Have held numerous powerlifting records in the past. Was a member of the "North American Championship" Tug-A-War team for 3 years. Competed in Olympic style, Freestyle wrestling, arm wrestling, and have participated in many other fitness and strength challenges over the years.
I am now coaching a number of strength athletes.

Letters/Emails to BoB

Hello Bob:
I met you recently at the Canadian PowerLifting Championships in Calgary 2005. You may remember that I was part of Nathan's cheering crowd, and that I am Andy's dad. I just wanted to express my appreciation for your dedication, and mostly for the role model you are for these young guys. In a day and age in which a lot of young people idolize rock musicians or greedy athletes who are only centered on themselves, you truly stand out. I have peace knowing my son, and his friend, are in the company of what I view as great men. History probably won't record it that way, but that is most certainly the way it really is. I look forward to meeting with you in Chilliwack next year (I think thats what you said), and, in the meantime, thanks once again for the tremendous job you're doing in helping to form what will be the future of our society in a very few years.

Paul Libich
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