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No Sweat Marathon 2005 Photo's
No Sweat Marathon

First find room large enough for all ingredients!
Take various selections of dumbbells, bars along with benches and mats, now mix in 38 people.
Preheat stereo and mic, add music. Press play!
Slowly add in a few Instructors with a dash of wit and humor.
A pinch of fun and a large handful of encouragement and motivation that are needed for success.
Generously fold in muscle groups, make a well and moisten with water throughout for a smooth texture.
Sprinkle in push-ups, curls along with lunges and squats. Spice mixture by whisking just 2 more times.
Work until set, then pour on stretches evenly for topping. To avoid scalding keep mixture on the cool side.
For best results work for 1 hour, reduce to low for 15mins and repeat 5 more times!!!

To everyone who participated and donated food & money, a huge Thanks for making this Marathon our BIGGEST to date and so much fun!!!!! We raised just over 1000.00 for tsunami relief.

No Sweat!
Sue & Leanne

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