A Change of Pace
Fitness Professionals
"NO SWEAT" the Workout
HAVE YOU TRIED our new Fitness to Music Class?

(It doesn't mean you won't sweat!)

  • It's NOT aerobics!
  • It's NOT body building!
  • It tones and conditions the body!
  • Raises the metabolism!
  • Helps burn fat!
  • Helps increase muscular endurance!
  • It's good for all ages and levels of fitness!
  • Enjoyed by both men & women!

Instructed by: Sue Luck Claxton

It's a fitness phenomenon that combines the body changing results of high repetition weight training and high energy aerobics into one Fitness to Music Class. It's basic moves makes it easy to follow which makes it accessible to men and women of every fitness level. But the best part about it, is that it is, without a doubt - FUN! Everyone who tries it, becomes a NO SWEAT! endorsement. It's that exciting! NO SWEAT! uses the soft covered weighted bar and dumbells in a pre-choreographed applied program of music and movement. This music is unique and specific to each muscle group and exercise. All the movements are simple to follow and easily adaptable to all fitness levels. Once you've experienced NO SWEAT! for yourself, every friend, relative and coworker within earshot will hear about the amazing new exercise discovery!

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