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"Fitness Profile" - Tammy Baker

I love to be fit, but I also love food! Finding the balance of activity and portion control is an ongoing challenge for me. My goal is never to give up! For 10 years I just didnít make wellness a priority Ė and it took quiet a toll on my body!!
At 38 I was 45 pounds overweight, trying to cope with pain and worried about the threat of type 2 diabetes. I decided that my 40th birthday gift to myself was to be fit and healthy! I began weight watchers and walked every day Ė and I mean every day!
When I got to be within 10 pounds of my goal I found out about No Sweat! I was sceptical at first as I really wasnít too excited about aerobics Ė but No Sweat isnít aerobics - itís about function and developing lean muscle Ė and itís fun!!!
I had 9 years of ongoing back pain from a whiplash injury Ė I found that if I did a No Sweat class 2 or 3 times a week, my pain kept getting less and less. After 2 years of No Sweat my chiropractor says I have a different back than when I first came to him!!
I decided that if I could benefit so much, I wanted to share that with others. Now Iím teaching No Sweat and loving every minute of it!! The people that come to the classes are all unique and yet No Sweat is beneficial for them all, from beginner to advanced.
Iím looking forward to Personal Training so I can help others who are recovering from injury or dealing with arthritis!

My email address is tammyb_fit@shaw.ca
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